venerdì 31 agosto 2012


30.8.2012 - So,yesterday afternoon,my mother wanted me doing something 'GOOD',better than staying surfind in the net. So,I had to do something,and of couse,Drawing is the best hobby I have!:) That's what came out after 1hour of drawing. An Eyes,green one,which is not the one I have so bad. In the end,even my mother and my friends liked it,so I'm happy it came out really well! Better than what I expected since I wanted to give up when I began doing it. :)


27.8.2012 -
Okay,this may look like a photo taken at the seaside...but you're totally wrong,because I took these photo in a wood in tha Alps! At the mountain,in the north of Italy. I totally love this photo! And below,here is a photo of the lake, (lago dei caprioli) :) Totally an amazing water effect! 

martedì 28 agosto 2012



13.8.2012- So bad,I couldn't post everyday. I sometimes forget to update the blog. Anyway,here I was in Poland! :) I've been there from 12nd of august to the 15th. There I also have met a friend of mine,who's polish but lives in Luton,she's Julia :) But Not going to post our photo here! Instead, below,here's my photo with my mother and twin brother! My dad took the photo so that's why he is not with us in it! :)
(I had such a too short t-shirt :c)

mercoledì 8 agosto 2012


8.8.2012- Finally I can start posting! :) Today I went with 2 friends of mine to the skatepark of our city,in Faenza! We tried to skate,I can't do it,but my friend,Camilla above,can do it! I'm gonna start skating with her,as soon as possible we can find someone who could lend us its skate! I really like it. Instead here below,it's always camilla and me acting like idiots to our friend  Elena,who took the picture.

Definitely,I wanna start skating. I really like it!